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Jireh Farm Summer Camp aims to create a fun-filled experience for our campers.  Getting your hands dirty is part of the fun!

From feeding the goats, to holding newborn chicks, Jireh Farm Summer Camp incorporates many farm activities into a fun, hands-on based learning experience that opens the possibilities of imagination, discovery, and appreciation.  Here are some of the activities scheduled for each session:

  • Swimming in the pool

  • Nature hike into the pig forest

  • Herb and veggie tasting from the garden

  • Picking berries

  • Feeding the chickens

  • Petting baby bunnies

  • Caring for the goats

  • Collecting eggs

  • Harvesting

  • Planting and clay pot decorating

  • Feeding the pigs

  • Painting

  • field games, and more...

Monday - Friday 9 am - 4 pm
Session 1: "All About Chickens"
Week (June 12-16)
Session 2: Water Week
(June 19- June 23rd)
Session 3: Pre-Teen Week
(June 26- June 30th)
Session 4: "All about Goats" Week
(July 10- 14th)
Session 5: Farm Adventure Week
(July 17-21st)
Session: 6 Harvest Week
(July 24- 28th)

*Early drop-off 8:30 am, Late pick-up 4:15 pm
Arriving earlier or picking up later entertains an additional $25 fee per day.*
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