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Our goal is to provide a wonderful, safe, nurturing environment for all our campers exploring the great outdoors with all the accompanying activities. We want each child to have a positive experience with opportunities for individual growth. Any continued disruptive, dangerous, and inappropriate behavior of one camper can greatly affect this goal for an entire group.

Please review our guidelines for behavior with your camper(s) and we will do the same at the beginning of each week. In cases of recurring misbehavior, parents will be contacted so that we may work things out together. If the misbehavior continues, (ie: fighting, leaving your counselor, cussing, bullying, being rude/disrespectful) the Director/Assistant Director will meet with you, the counselor, and the camper, and place the child on a week's probationary time. If the behavior does not improve, the parents will be called and the camper will be given a 2 day break from camp (no refunds for misbehavior). Upon returning to camp, if behavior occurs again, the parents will be asked to withdraw their child from camp immediately.

6 Simple Camp Rules:

  1. Be considerate and respectful of others and their things

  2. Obey your Counselor and Junior Counselor

  3. Stay with your group and participate in activities

  4. Do not throw sticks or rocks

  5. Stay behind main fencing unless with you Counselor

  6. Wear shoes at all times (unless your Counselor tells you differently)


We really appreciate our families and your concern for your children's safety, happiness and well being. Please take a moment to review these rules with your children. We love to hear from our parents; therefore, please feel free to bring any of your questions or concerns with any of us at any time. Thank you for choosing our family here at Jireh Family Farm to serve your family.​

welcome to Jireh Family Farm | Durham, NC 27703

What to Bring to Camp:

  • Labeled Water Bottle

  • Lunch and Snack

  • Change of clothes

  • Close-toe shoes

  • Beach shoes

  • Towel

  • Sunscreen/Insect Repellent

what to bring

An Outdoor Camp

This means that campers will experience nature in a real way - direct contact. Yes, the more unpleasant side of nature (yucky bugs, ticks, poison ivy) as well as the pleasant side (frogs, turtles, mud puddles, etc.) exist in the woods as it does anywhere in the country. The counselors are trained to avoid the unpleasant things and take appropriate steps to protect the camper.  We check campers for ticks after every event in the woods, and encourage a good bath or shower every evening. We encourage you to spray your children every morning or to send bug spray or lotion with them.

What NOT to Bring to Camp:

  • Video Games

  • Expensive Watches/Jewelry

  • Toys

  • Money

**Full disclosure, pecan trees are on the property.  Those with nut allergies should take extreme precautions.**

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